MOVIE REVIEW: Gravity – Houston, We’re Going Home


Written By: Justin Morales

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris

NASA bio-medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is on her first mission to space joined by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Shariff (Paul Sharma). The mission is simple, Dr. Stone must install a new scanning system on the Hubble Space Telescope. Kowalski, who is set to retire at the end of the mission is just enjoying his last view of Earth from space while space walking. But things fail to follow as planned, chaos quickly arises when a Russian satellite suddenly self-destructs, sending a storm of debris hurdling toward the telescope.

The debris hits the Space Shuttle Explorer destroying the shuttle and killing fellow crew member Shariff. Dr. Stone is separated from the crew and is flung into space. Dr. Stone, who was only given 6 months of practice, has to use her limited knowledge to return to the I.S.S. (International Space Station) and get herself back to planet Earth.

Forever. Alone. These are two words that hardly ever make one feel at ease. Add dying to being forever alone and one might just lose it. Gravity starts off with the following message: “At 600 km above planet Earth, the temperature fluctuates between +258 and -148 degrees Fahrenheit. There is nothing to carry sound. No air pressure. No oxygen. Life in space is impossible.” If you really take in that message, then the fear that Dr. Ryan Stone is feeling as soon as she is flung into space becomes 100 times more intense. You find yourself matching the speed of oxygen in take as Dr. Stone as she is desperately trying to keep calm while contemplating her next move. And this chilling emotion remains throughout the film.

What I love the most about Gravity is how beautiful the entire film is. With that being said I recommend seeing this film in nothing but IMAX. Avatar was the last film I saw that was just as beautiful on the biggest screen possible. Add the score that was done by Steven Price and this is a pure masterpiece. I can watch this movie on mute and understand the film entirely and still be in awe. The 3D, the CGI, the cinematography, and the score will set the bar high when it comes to 3D films.

With all the technology achievements set by the film, Sandra Bullock’s performance was just as good. Bullock, who won an Oscar for The Blind Side, is sure to win another one for this performance. There’s a scene where Dr. Stone comes close to calling it quits and realizes that she is going to die all alone in space. The fact that she is alone doesn’t defeat her but the realization that no one will mourn or miss her does. Bullock does an amazing job tapping into Dr. Stone’s inner struggle to move on from her loss of her daughter while also trying to keep that fight to see another day.


Gravity has set the bar high for films in 2013 and currently is the best movie I have seen this year. But with 3 months still remaining in the Oscar season it only gets me excited to see what else we are to receive in theaters this year. I recommend everybody, from your grandparents to your youngest sibling, to go see this film. Gravity has everything you want in a film, suspense, great acting, and beautiful cinematography. This is a film that will be talked about for years to come.

What The Delio?!: 10/10