MOVIE REVIEW: Baggage Claim – Who Needs To Get Married?


Written By: Justin Morales 

Director: David E. Talbert
Starring: Paula Patton, Taye Diggs, Jill Scott

Marriage has always been an important matter in the Moore family, especially since Catherine Moore (Jenifer Lewis) has been married several times. She even told her two daughters, Montana (Paula Patton) and Sheree (Lauren London), that you aren’t a lady if you aren’t married before 30. Montana, whose age is catching up with her, thought she was on the path of finding Mr. Perfect with Graham (Boris Kodjoe) until she find out that he has a girlfriend who is now pregnant. And to add insult to injury, Sheree is now engaged. Catherine is growing tiresome of Montana always playing bride’s maid and not the bride and pressures her to find a man that’s ready to settle down.

As if the task doesn’t sound difficult already, she has 30 days to try and find a man for her sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The plan? With the help of her friends/fellow flight attendants, Gail (Jill Scott) and Sam (Adam Brody), they use the network of airport workers to track down any of Montana’s ex’s that gets on an airplane and change Montana’s schedule so she is on the same flight. That good ol’ illegal stuff. Results? Montana happens to run into (or should I say fly into?) several exes of hers but they all have one defect or another that drive Montana away. Will Montana ever find true love or will she remain single and alone?

Baggage Claim had enough stars to sell well in the Box Office. The only problem is the storyline. It was unrealistic and predictable. It was the basic plot where an attractive, talented and sophisticated woman is forever a bridesmaid but never the bride. The question asked throughout the movie is “Really, what is wrong with Montana?” Her knight in shining armor is standing in front of her and she doesn’t even know it. Well, it does take time for her to realize that through her journey with past loves to see if she can reconnect with the right one.

If there was a star in Baggage Claim it definitely was the characters played by Jill Scott and Adam Brody with Affion Crockett’s character getting a honorable mention (only due to how small his role is). All three characters added the comedy needed to make this film bearable and to be honest, I am not sure if I would of watch the whole thing if it wasn’t for their comic relief.


Overall, I would wait until you are able to see Baggage Claim via Netflix or any kind of free stream. This movie is not awful but I don’t recommend taking out your wallets for this one. Baggage Claim does make for a nice couple night in or even a girls night out.

What The Delio?!: 6/10