Missing 11-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Found Sleep on Train [Video]

I know this mother is happy to have her son back but…….an ass whooping might be called for in a circumstance of this nature? He had the whole NYC scared for him, just because he didn’t want to do his chores?!?!?!?!

Via: NYDailyNews

Her timing was perfect.

The sharp-eyed nanny with a heart of gold who rescued Kareem Granton from his five-day subway adventure was rushing to work when she spotted the grimy 11-year-old asleep on the 5 train.

I saw him as soon as I got on. He was lethargic, he was dirty, he was sleeping,” said Alana Joseph, 41, who boarded at the Newkirk stop in Brooklyn at 7 a.m. Monday.

Alana Joseph, of Brooklyn, discovered Kareem Granton on a subway Monday, and took a photo of the child on her cell phone after recognizing him from a TV alert.

“I wondered what this boy was doing on the train at this hour, in this state,” she said.

Joseph, who cares for a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old in Manhattan, had another child on her mind as she stared at the disheveled figure across from her.
Kareem Granton, 11, is reunited with his mother Precious, 26, (left) at the ACS Offices in Brooklyn after going missing since Wednesday.

Do you remember Avonte Oquendo?” she asked the Daily News on Tuesday. Avonte, an autistic 14-year-old, left his Queens school Oct. 4 — and vanished. The teen’s mystery was solved three months later, when his remains began washing ashore at College Point. Joseph, whose 10-year-old son, Raf-Jahzeel, suffers from autism, said Avonte’s sad story is ever-present. Then TV viewers were asked to be on the lookout for Kareem, of Brooklyn.

“I said to my son, ‘Let’s say a prayer for him. Let’s say a prayer that he gets home safe to his family,’ ” she said.

Minutes later, she became the answer to her prayer.

Alana Joseph snapped photo of missing Kareem Granton Monday on 5 train leading to his safe return. Granton ran away from home last week because he did not want to clean up after his dog.

“When he sat up, his hood came off and I recognized him,” said Joseph. She snapped the boy’s photo and ducked onto the platform looking for a cop at every station. At Union Square, she told the conductor, who held the train while Joseph found K-9 cop Dennis Grimm.

I said that there was a missing child on the train and to please hurry up before it left,” she recalled.

After spotting Kareem Granton, Alana Joseph reported it to New York City police officer Dennis Grimm and K-9 dog named Dakota at the Union Square subway train station.

Standing with his mom, Precious Granton, 26, outside a Brooklyn police station, a sheepish Kareem said he’d taken off because he didn’t want to do his chores.

“I knew my mom was looking for me,” said the intrepid boy who survived on $10 his stepdad had given him. “I’m all right. I just had a little tour out in the world.

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