Mike Epps Gets Role of Richard Pryor In New Biopic


Thank God Sweet Baby Jesus Nick Cannon didn’t get the roll of Richard Pryor!

Fans can rejoice at knowing that comedian Mike Epps has secured the role of the late, great comedian’s life in the new Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels produced biopic.

Oprah Winfrey broke the announcement on her Twitter, as did Lee Daniels, who both have a key hand in producing the biopic. Oprah seemed to be extremely happy with their decision to cast Epps in the lead role. Following the news, Epps thanked Richard’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor and his fans for the opportunity.

Additionally, many of other comedian congratulated Epps on his new breakout role. Even his former rival Kevin Hart wished him well on Twitter by saying, “I want to take the time to congratulate @TheRealMikeEpps on booking the role of “Richard Pryor”….


Congrats Mike!!!!!!