Migos Release Statement After Backlash Over Homophobic ILoveMakonnen Comments


Atlanta rap trio Migos issued an official statement on Wednesday night after making some controversial comments that had many fans calling them out as homophobic.

The “Bad and Boujee” rappers sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone when they were asked about fellow rapper ILoveMakonnen, who recently came out as gay to the public.

There have been other rappers who have spoken of their support for Makkonen’s decision to open up with fans. But Migos’s response seemed less than positive.


“They supported him?” said band member Quavo when asked about ILoveMakonnen.

“That’s because the world is *****d up,” said bandmate Offset.

“We ain’t saying it’s nothing wrong with the gays,” said Quavo. “That’s wack, bro.”

Once their controversial comments were shared on social media, many fans on Twitter spoke about deleting their music from their playlists.

The rap group later posted a message on Twitter saying they believe in “being original and staying true.”

“We are all a fan of Makonnen’s music and we wish he didn’t feel like he ever had to hide himself….We love all people, gay or straight and we apologize if we offended anyone.”


Migos knew they had to clear that up real quick!