From Miami Hairstylist to Beauty Boss – Keyshia Ka’oir Ashy to Classy Success Story


Fitness/Beauty entrepreneur Keyshia Kaoir is making waves within the hip hop scene for being the woman to motivated Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane to turn his life around.

After holding the Guwop down during his four years in prison, the curvaceous fitness junkie made headlines after Gucci proposed to her during an Atlanta Hawks game last November.

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But just who is Keyshia Kaoir, and how was she able to steal the heart of Mr. “So Icy” himself? MaseTV digs deeper in finding out just how Keyshia Kaoir went from Ashy to Classy!

Keyshia Kaoir was born Keyshia Watson on January 10th, 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica. Keyshia always had a talent for beauty and started off as a hair stylist while also working toward a career in film. She and her family moved to Florida when she was 17 years old.

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Keyshia exercised her talent for beauty and opened up her own small beauty salon in Boca Raton Florida. Despite opening up her salon, Keyshia never hav up her dream of becoming an entertainer. With strong determination Keyshia began taking acting classes in 2009 and coincidentally landed her first video role as a main girl in the Timbaland & Drake video “Say Something”. According to her the director wanted a “character” and not just a pretty girl shaking her butt for the camera. Keyshia had been taking acting classes prior and was the right fit for the video.

Using the name Keyshia Dior, the Jamaican beauty appeared in a variety of music videos with big name rappers including Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Drake, Yo Gotti, and Lil Wayne, among others. Keyshia staked her claim on the music video scene at a time when most video girls were of Latina descent.

It was Keyshia innovative and unique style that began to make many take notice of the video vixen. Known for her eccentric hairstyles and bright lipsticks, it wasn’t long before the former hairstylist stayed true to her entrepreneurial roots and started her own business.

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Keyshia was inspired to start her lipstick line which she originally called “Secret Kisses” when she was photographed wearing a bold blue lip color. At the time Keyshia was seen wearing “Violetta” by MAC Cosmetics, and after getting so many compliments on the lipstick, she decided to get paid and star her own beauty line.

At the time Keyshia was making around $4,000 for music videos, and $5,000 for club appearances. Keyshia used her accrued funds to launch Ka’oir Cosmetics, after changing the name from “Secret Kisses”. Keyshia worked with a few manufacturers that helped her design the label, lipstick tubes, packaging and hired the most important role of all…..a stellar publicist team!

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It was Keyshia’s publicist that got her products seen in Paris, Milan, South Africa and London during their fashion runway shows. Keyshia invested her money in the right way and was bold enough to take the big risk of investing her own money into the brand. With her amazing publicist and large social media following, Ka’oir Cosmetics took off in no time!

Keyshia has since embarked on the fitness industry and launched Ka’Oir Fitness where she sells products and posts videos all related to fitness, health, and wellness. It was Keyshia’s love for health and fitness that inspired her fiance Gucci Mane to change his lifestyle around once being released from prison in 2015.

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It was Keyshia’s love for health and fitness that inspired her fiance Gucci Mane to change his lifestyle around once being released from prison in 2015. Fans were shocked to see the amount of weight Gucci lost while serving his four year sentence. Since his release, Gucci has spoken openly about giving up lean, drugs, and many of his old bad habits, and instead posts videos and photos of him and Keyshia working out together.

Upon Gucci Mane’s release from prison in 2015, he made sure that the entire world knew who Keyshia Ka’Oir was, and the rest is history.

Gucci proposed to Keyshia in November of 2016, and the two are set to walk down the aisle in “Woptober” 2017.

Keyshia has been criticized for allegedly leaving her three kids in Jamaica, and for not having a belly button, but Keyshia refuses to comment on either topic. It is said that Keyshia has three children from previous relationships: One teenager, another in middle school and her third child is in elementary school.

Keyshia Ka’Oir is a true go-getter who had no handouts and made it happen for herself! Making her a true definition of an ashy to classy Hollywood success story.

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Image: VladTV