Mendeecees 2nd Baby Mama Goes to War With Yandy On Social Media [Video]


The current season of “Love & Hip Hop” has introduced us to one of Mendeecees Harris three baby mothers we haven’t seen on the show, name Erika.

Erika is Mendeecees 2nd baby mother of his son Aasim who happens to be very close in age to Yandy Smith’ oldest son Amir.

We all got to see when Yandy Smith went head to head with both of Mendeecees’ baby mamas Erika and Samantha.

Yandy shaded Erika on the show for being “nothing more than a slide” who had a baby with Mendeeces while they were on a “break.”

Well those comments didn’t sit well with Erika who took to Instagram to remind Yandy that she was never a “slide”.


However, Yandy got the last laugh by sending out one post that truly reminded Erika of her place….


And on that note! Checkmate for Yandy!

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