Meet The Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Who Works At Trump Soho [Video]


Ricardo Aca is an undocumented Mexican immigrant who works at the Trump SoHo hotel in New York City.

Aca is used as the subject of a short video profile that addresses Donald Trump’s assertion that Mexican immigrants are criminals, drug dealers and rapists.

“Trump keeps pointing out all these immigrants that have done these terrible things, but those aren’t the immigrants that I know. That’s not what we’re like,”Aca said in the video. “It doesn’t make me proud to go to work every day under his name.” 

With an Associate’s Degree in Photography, Aca has created a photo series featuring immigrants holding up signs declaring that they are not the criminals, drug dealers or rapists Trump believes them to be.

Aca admits that he fears he may lose his job for speaking out against Trump, he says he feels compelled to prove the top Republican presidential candidate wrong.

He does exactly that in the video below.