Meet our iAmHealthyFit Member of the Week!!!!

Here at MaseTv we are always looking to celebrate anyone who not only embraces the iAmHealthyFit lifestyle but inspires others to do the same! Today’s iAmHealthyFit’s Member of the week is an amazing young woman who is BOLD and  MADE A STATEMENT. Racquel Stephen transformed her body with nothing less than hard work, determination and discipline she is definitely iAmHealthyFit Approved.



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (where are you from, how old are you, what do you do, and whatever else you would like to share)?

My name is Racquel “Racqui” Stephen and I am 25 years old. I was born in St. Lucia, West Indies, and raised in the Virgin Islands. I graduated from the University  of Rochester in the of spring 2010 with a BA in English Lit. I have a Passion for fashion, writing and dancing. 

2. How did your fitness journey get started?

I have always been an active individual. I’ve played sports and have been a member of a number of dance groups, so I never noticed my weight gain. To me, I was normal; a little heavier than average, but normal none the less. But your enemies have a way of making you notice things about yourself that you always overlooked. Whenever I would get in a quarrel with other females, the first jab they would take would be about my weight. That’s when I began paying attention. I remember being a size 10, now I was a size 16. So, March 2012 I began to make changes. I had a few failed attempts when I first started. Remaining disciplined was not easy. However, when you begin seeing progress, it’s hard to quit.

3. How did you get rid of those unwanted pounds (give me all the juice)!

Weight Watchers…Initially, I would only see the gym at the most three times a week. Two of the three days I did Zumba for an hour and I met with a trainer once a week. I wasn’t seeing progress fast enough, so I became discouraged. I gave up a few times. One day, I woke up more motivated than I’ve ever been before. I had to make some changes. I began by increasing the amount of days I spent in the gym, averaging about 4 to 6 days a week; along with increasing the amount of calories I burn doing cardio, averaging about 700-1000 calories a session. My eating habits changed drastically. I eliminated soda from my diet completely, only drinking water or low calorie juices, and I monitored my portion intake. I still eat whatever I desire, but I eat in healthy portions; making sure I don’t over eat. It took a lot of discipline, but now I’m addicted to this new healthy lifestyle.

4. How do you manage to work, workout, have a social life, and maintain a relationship?

These aspects of my life do not conflict at all. There is a saying “People make time for whatever & whomever they want to make time for,” and this applies quite nicely here. If I work all day, I gym it at night. If I want to go out at night, I gym it in the morning. Simple. My boyfriend is very supportive of my fitness journey, so he also motivates me. I have a close friend who is also on the same path as I, and we keep each other motivated and disciplined. My support system is awesome.

 5. How has fitness changed your life (are you happier now, have you changed your lifestyle indefinitely, does your boyfriend embrace your lifestyle)?

Happier is an understatement. Shopping is so much more fun now. The compliments you receive on a daily basis makes it all worth it. I love the “new” me.

6. What advice do you have for anyone trying to start their fitness journey?

I always say losing weight is not a temporary fix, it’s a lifestyle change. Everyone wants to lose weight right away, with minimum work, which can be done, but to maintain it you must make permanent changes.

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