Meek Mill Vs. Kevin Hart “Chocolate Droppa” At Drais in Las Vegas [Video]


Meek Mill recently caught up with fellow Philly native Kevin Hart on stage at Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas.

Hart wouldn’t leave the stage without co-signing Meek, and allowing his battle rap character “Chocolate Droppa” to hit the mic for a mini rap battle with Meek.

“Popping up on my stage, I’m like ‘what is the odds,'” Meek started off by rapping. “He must be on molly or something, look at his eyes.” He would spit a half-a-bar more before falling off focus and handing a turn over to his counterpart. “Meek Mill came to rap, I said don’t do none of that/ I looked at my n***a’s jeans, I said, we been done with that,” Hart responded. “Stop wearing pants that show your shape ain’t s**t/ I look at you, I look at Nicki, I say girl you too legit to quit.” Facing Meek’s entourage standing before him, the actor/comedian himself fell off track, catching a glance of one of Meek’s affiliates and telling listeners that he was just as distracted by the man’s shape as he was of Meeks, before informing them that he was too unfocused to continue.

Hart recently landed a deal with Capital/Motown where he is set to the release a Chocolate Droppa album just before his next concert-movie hits theaters in October.

Source: VladTV