Masika Kalysha Says Fetty Wap Hasn’t Seen Daughter Since She Was 10 Days Old [Video]


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha calls out Fetty Wap, claiming he broke his promises to be a good father. She also talks her new single, “My Own”, and teases what to expect from the new season of LHHH.

“He’s seen her three times, and the last time he saw her was when she was 10 days old,” Masika told The Cruz Show on Power 106 Los Angeles.

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On Fetty not changing diapers:

“He hasn’t done anything, the only changing he has done is his personality”.

On Khari Barbie not recognizing Fetty:

“She doesn’t know what her dad looks like. […] I make sure she has a nice roof over her head.”


On her relationship with Fetty Wap:

“Everything was going great, I thought so too [that we had a mutual understanding]. He reintroduced himself on Valentine’s Day and we met and took things from there. You know I’m a Gemini, he’s a Gemini. Maybe he got up on the wrong side of the bed for the whole year.”

On not wanting another baby with Fetty Wap:

“He was out the first time. As a woman I can understand why you would want your children to have the same daddy.”

Masika also recently shaded Fetty Wap on Twitter for “lying to her face again.” on the latest episode of LHHH.

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Watch the full interview below.

Source: Bossip