MaseTV Sponsors New York Caucus For Political Action Official Launch + Meet & Greet


MaseTV is proud to sponsor and promote the New York Caucus For Political Action Official Launch + Meet & Greet Hosted by The Manhattan Young Democrats & The Young & Powerful Group!

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Saturday, June 4th
7pm -10pm
Drink/Food Specials Available
(After Party Immediately Following)

Angel Of Harlem
2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10027

Music Provided by:
DJ Matrixx (New York’s Young & Powerful DJ)


Media Sponsor: Bold3

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Special Invited Guests!


Basil Smikle Jr., Political Consultant
Basil Smikle Jr. is a political consultant and policy analyst whose commentary is featured on local and national media outlets. He is a contributor to the online publication, The Hill ( In addition to running his consulting firm, Basil is a PhD candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University concentrating in Education and Politics where he has received multiple fellowships for his scholarly research. He holds appointments as an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and City University of New York’s Murphy Institute for Professional Studies. Recognized as a staunch advocate for public service and education equity, he is quickly becoming part of the next generation of thinkers and policy advocates. In 2010, Basil was featured in the L.A. Times as “Harlem’s New Political Elite”. In his mid-30s, City Hall Magazine named him one of 50 rising stars in New York Politics. Newark Mayor Cory Booker called him a “much sought-after consultant”. Rev. Al Sharpton noted that Basil is an “impressive” speaker.


Carrie Sheffield, Bold Founder
Carrie Sheffield is founder of Bold, a Millennial-focused, news & cultural platform centered on ideals of personal responsibility and accessible capitalism. A Forbes political economy contributor, she hosted an online TV show for The Washington Times and appears on MSNBC, Fox News, CBS digital, Fox Business Network, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Fusion, The Blaze, Al Jazeera and HuffPost Live. Carrie has written for The Wall Street Journal, TIME, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Huffington Post.


New York Caucus For Political Action’s mission is to train future leaders and empower young professionals politically to serve disadvantaged communities. As a federally registered Political Action Committee [PAC] we strive to effect change through politics and support those who are in alignment with our core values.

New York Caucus For Political Action will serve as a leader in volunteer political driven initiatives to tackle tough policy issues, providing solutions and support to the under-served communities most affected. To ensure success, New York Caucus For Political Action will provide thorough leadership development to young adults to effectively lead the various initiatives.

Open Positions Available:
Community Liason
Marketing & Communications / Public Relations
Fundraising / Donation

Current Leadership:

Jemar Ward, Political Strategist
Stanley Fritz, Secretary
Bryant Arthur, Treasurer

“Change doesn’t come from the establishment. Real change, the kind of change that we want, has and always will come from the grass roots. I don’t plan on waiting for a political hero to solve my problems. I have a progressive agenda, and I plan to force the issue on these elected officials so that I see the changes I believe this country needs. But no change can happen alone. That’s why I’m proud to say that I have joined up with Bryant Arthur and Jemar T. Ward to put my energy behind the New York Caucus for political action. We’ll be supporting progressive candidates that understand our agenda. We’ll be the fuel to the grassroots. But if that’s going to happen, we’re going to need more than just the three of us. If you’re ready to make some noise, and get involved. Feel free to message me. It’s time we started our own political revolution.” – Stanley Fritz

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