MaseTV Presents “Drunk In Love & Speed Dating” Hosted by @JeroslynDiva & @MarcoDinero [Pics/Video]

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IMG_1397 copy

Love was most definitely in the air at MaseTV’s “Drunk In Love & Speed Dating” social on Thursday night!

Event attendees enjoyed 3-minute speed dating sessions, Happy Hour drinks & food, a couple’s panel discussion on love & dating in 2017, and so much more.

Check out some dope shots from the fun-filled event below!

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Event Coordinator @_TinayaSays_ & MaseTV CEO @JeroslynDiva prep for the speed dating
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Guests enjoyed 3-minute speed dating sessions to find potential baes
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Three happy couples took part in a candid panel discussion on love & dating in 2017. Congrats to the winners of our Couple’s Trivia Game, Rainee & Carlos!
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@_TinayaSays_ did an amazing job with moderating the couple’s panel
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Happy Couples – Mark & Jeroslyn, Rainee & Carlos, Jody & Claude
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Power couples
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Event host and happy couple @JeroslynDiva & @MarcoDinero
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Thank you @ATasteofTravel for sponsoring our speed dating social!
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Thank you to everyone who came out to support and participate in our Speed Dating social.

Stay tuned for more MaseTV events in the coming months!