MaseTV iAmHealthyFit Member Of The Week: PartyGirlFit Myah Brown


I know all this snow might have you feeling all types of discouraged! This is the perfect time to share some fitness motivation!! Meet out MaseTV iAmHealthyFit Member Of The Week PartyGirlFit Founder Myah Brown!

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (where are you from, how old are you, what do you do, and whatever else you would like to share)

My name is Myah Brown, I’m 23 and originally from Grand Prairie, TX. I am a professional dancer, I also teach dance, as well as work in retail. After living in NY for 5 years I recently moved back home, with a final destination of LA!

2. How did your fitness journey get started (why did you want to lose weight, how long have you been trying to lose it, what drives your journey)?

I have been “healthy” since I was young. I’ve been dancing since I was 3, and I played sports when I was younger, so I’ve always been active. It wasn’t until college that I decided to make the conscious effort to cross train and became interested in the kinesthetics of the body! When in college my dance program was the only program currently in the country that offered a dance wellness program which covered cross training for anatomical alignment, injury prevention, and nutrition. It was at this point I became enthusiastic about being healthy, and helping others get healthy. Being healthy has never been particularly about losing weight, instead about being healthy and living the best and happiest life for me. So many  things drive my journey, I love looking good, I love being active, and as an African American women I have so many healthy issues to fight as I get older, and staying healthy early, helps me prevent that!

3. How did you get rid off those unwanted pounds (give me all the juice)!

I love to eat, man I love to eat, with that said I had to learn how to maintain and moderate. Cardio is my best friend, that I love to hate! I dance 3 times a week, as well as go to the gym so one way or another I am getting cardio in. That is how I keep my weight off, along with eating “healthy” more often than not. I do not diet!! :)

4. How do you manage to work,  workout, have a social life, and maintain a relationship?

I have 4 jobs,  train people, party, I’m single lol, and go to church. Staying busy and active keeps my mind active and prevents me from being lazy and putting off exercise. Priorities! I know a woman with two kids and was pregnant, she managed to workout everyday during her pregnancy, babysit her kids, and cook dinner for her husband. If she can do it, what’s my excuse!

5. How has fitness changed your life (are you happier now, have you changed your lifestyle indefinitely, does your boyfriend embrace your lifestyle)?

I don’t have a boyfriend ok, sheesh! Lol JK.. I love my life, is it tough? Absolutely! Do I go through struggles? Absolutely! But when I can get away and turn my music up and dance or lift, it’s bliss! I love being healthy, I love being a motivation for others!


6. What advice do you have for anyone trying to start their fitness  journey?

I feel that a lot of times people want to get Fit or get healthy because of what others think. That mindset is so destructive, get fit because you want it for yourSelf, get fit because it feels damn good to know you are pushing your body to its limits, and creating higher limits. Never give up and always find new ways for yourself. No excuses!

7. Share any last words you want to leave with our readers!

Experience life and all it has to offer! Do something new, step outside of the box. Be your self motivation!

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