MaseTV Chats With Xristina & LA From “Transcendent” About Season 2 [Trailer Inside]


From the creators of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Transcendent is a groundbreaking new docu-series about a group of young, talented trans women as they navigate their professional, personal and romantic lives while performing at one of San Francisco’s most popular cabarets.

MaseTV Founder/CEO @JeroslynDiva got the chance to chat with two stars from the hit reality series, Xristina and LA.

The ladies opened up to MaseTV about their hopes for breaking stereotypes and misconceptions of the trans community with their new season, as well as which castmember is the most difficult to work with, and how their show will help people get a better understanding of the trans lifestyle.

On which castmember is the most difficult to work with:

Xristina“Me of course! But honestly it’s not about who is the most difficult to work with, but more so how we can get along and work together. We’re all so diverse and our differences are what bring us together.”

On how Season 2 will add to the current conversation around the transgender community, and the unisex bathroom debate:

LA“We hope to help make people more aware. Trans are out there. Some people aren’t ready, but hopefully “Transcendent” will help educate the public on who we really are.”

Xristina“I hope we can show people who we are. I don’t like labels, but trans visibility has come a long way. Hopefully people can see that we all bleed the same color, and we’re human just like everyone else. I hope our show provides transparency into the trans community.”

“As for the bathroom debate. Children are not born knowing about the differences in people. It is a learned and taught behavior. Unisex bathrooms are accepted in many places around the world. I am not against it.”

Be sure to tune in to the new season of “Transcendent” when it airs on Fuse this Wednesday June 8th, at 11:30pm/10:30c.