Mase says He’ll Only Sign With Kanye West and Drake: Drake Responds

With the recent announcement of Drake’s new record label OVO, talks have been swirling about who he’ll sign. Names like Cassie, and 90s rapper Ma$e, have been thrown around.

During a recent appearance of MTV RapFix Live, rapper Ma$e said the only two artists he would ever consider signing with were Kanye West and Drake.

While at OVO Fest, where the former Bad Boy rapper reunited with Diddy on stage, Drizzy spoke on the possibility of that happening. “Anything’s possible, man,” Drake told MTV News. “I told Ma$e your Ma$e at the end of the day so I don’t think you should end up on anybody else’s label. I would love to be involved. Just how I know Kanye takes an interest in Ma$e as well because Mase is the original fly guy that made it all look extremely fun… You saw it tonight.”


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Source: HipHopWired