Mase Radio Podcast W/ @IAmPvnch , #SocialCleaning of #Haitians in #DominicanRepublic, #RachelDolezal , #NBAFinals2015 [Video]


This week on Mase Radio @JeroslynDiva and @AlexT.212 sat down with International DJ/Songwriter Pvnch (@IAmPvnch).

1080p PVNCH-1

Pvnch became popular on the battle rap scene during the early Smack DVD days and has continued to rise in success as a music artist and international club DJ.

Coining the popular #BFastBars series on Instagram, Pvnch is showing the world that a popular club DJ can tear the club up and still spit skilled lyrical word flow.

Watch below as Pvnch shares his intellect and insight on the hip hop industry as he discusses his recent success, working with Wiz Khalifa during his early days, getting signed versus being independent, and how being an international club DJ has helped his rap career, and more.

Plus we discuss the “social cleaning” of Haitians in Dominican Republic, Rachel Dolezal and her “identifying” as Black and what that means in modern society, the turnout of the NBA Finals, and more!