Mase Radio Podcast: Interview w/ @Bruhmanfromthe5thfloor , #BirdmanVSLilWayne, #NickiMinajSafaree Breakup, #MillionsmarchNYC, #EntrepreneurTips And More [Video]


This week on MaseRadio show hosts @JeroslynDiva and @DJMrMoto sat down for a very comical interview with Instagram sensation @Bruhmanfromthe5thfloor!!!

Bruhman has been lighting up Instagram timelines with his hilarious videos and posts and has gained a huge following from just being himself.

He opened up to JeroslynDiva and shared how he got started on the Vine/Instagram scene, the opportunities his personality has brought him, growing up in Brooklyn, his current situationships, and more!!!

JeroslynDiva, Dj Mr Moto, and Bruhman discussed the current feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne, and how Birdman is denying Wayne be released from his contract.

JeroslynDiva also dishes out all the celebrity news including:

  • Nicki Minaj vs. Safaree
  • Birdman vs. Lil Wayne
  • Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal update
  • #MillionsMarchNYC
  • NY Post bashing Jay Z’s meeting with NY Gov. Cuomo
  • JeroslynDiva also gives a list of the most stable businesses to start for hopeful entrepreneurs

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