Mase Radio Podcast: 2014 Year End Review- #WCWOf2014, #MCMOf2014, #BobbyShmurda Arrest, #IggyAzalea vs #QTip, #RIPAntoineMartin, And More


This week on MaseRadio show hosts @JeroslynDiva and @DJMrMoto sat down for our year end review of 2014!

JeroslynDiva, and DJ Mr Moto discussed the top news worthy moments of 2014 including the top #WCW and #MCM, biggest celebrity feuds, biggest breakups, and hooks ups of 2014, and more!

JeroslynDiva also dishes out all the celebrity news including:

  • QTip vs. Iggy Azalea
  • Bobby Shmurda & the GS9 arrest and gang violence
  • Nicki Minaj Crown interview and her shots at Kendrick Lamar
  • Recent police murders in NYC and murder of #AntoineMartin 
  • #BlackLivesMatter protest at Mall of America
  • JeroslynDiva also gives tips on how to turn your passion into a career 

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