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  • 2017’s Best & Worst States for Working Dads [Infographic] June 13, 2017 MaseTVdad-working-babyWith Father’s Day approaching and nearly 93 percent of dads with young kids working today, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2017’s Best & Worst States for Working Dads. In order to help dads balance their dual role as parent and provider, WalletHub’s ... Read more
  • 2017’s Best & Worst States for Jobs June 6, 2017 MaseTVLooking-For-a-JobVia: WalletHub Job hunting is never easy. Between scanning employment ads, updating résumés, contacting references and preparing for interviews, there’s no step that isn’t somewhat tedious or downright painful. But the process can be even harder when you don’t know where to begin looking for work, which ... Read more
  • 2017’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs May 1, 2017 MaseTVBusiness People Waiting NervouslyVia: WalletHub With graduation season nearly upon us, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2017’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs.Taking stock of the first-timer employment landscape, WalletHub’s analysts compared more than 100 different types of entry-level positions based on 12 key metrics.The data ... Read more
  • List of Top 10 High Schools in The USA [Full List Inside] April 25, 2017 MaseTVSide view of a group of teenage friends sitting next to each other in a line and looking at the camera. 


[url=http://www.istockphoto.com/search/lightbox/9786750][img]http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/2613/summerc.jpg[/img][/url]A list of the top performing high schools in USA has been released and it shows that four of the top ten schools are in Arizona. The studies were conducted by U.S. News and World Report’s much-watched rankings of the nation’s high schools and BASIS Scottsdale ... Read more
  • 10 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2017 March 20, 2017 MaseTVjob-searchAre you considering a career switch? Perhaps you’re preparing for a career following your graduation in May. Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to know what some of today’s top paying jobs are. Via: Glassdoor Examining salary reports of employees around the country, Glassdoor recently released its list ... Read more
  • 7 Great Tips for Redesigning A Logo March 14, 2017 MaseTVlogo-designVia: Company Folders The average American sees 200 logos per day—or more for those who consume lots of mass media. Yet some of those logos are much more beloved than others. The Pepsi globe, Nike swoosh, and McDonald’s golden arches are great examples of brand logos that ... Read more
  • 7 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Give You a Raise (Without Even Having to Ask) March 8, 2017 MaseTVblack-woman-work2Via: Travis Bradberry for The Muse We all want to get ahead. Still, even when it seems you’re doing everything right—you’re never late to work, you rarely take a sick day, and you always meet deadlines—promotions can be few and far between. You’re putting the work in, ... Read more
  • 4 Reasons You Need a Business Card for Professional Networking January 30, 2017 MaseTVnetwork-business-cardVia: CompanyFolders Networking is a huge part of running a business—whether you’re nurturing old relationships or looking for new clients and investors. But if you’re trying to network without a business card, you could be missing out on some great connections. Here’s why a business card matters ... Read more
  • 10+ Easy Tips for Creating An Amazing Company Logo [Infographic] January 9, 2017 MaseTVman-computerRebranding is a huge part of bringing in a New Year. While many outline their personal resolutions for the year ahead, many are also positioning their professional resolutions as well. Crafting the perfect logo for your brand or business is crucial to streamlining your professional action ... Read more
  • Five Remote Career Categories For Job Seekers to Watch in 2017 January 2, 2017 MaseTVman_black_oncomputer_onbenchVia: FlexJobs Remote work continues to grow in popularity, with 38 percent of employees currently able to work from home at least one day a week. Remote work is increasingly embraced by companies in a wide range of industries and for an often surprising variety of roles. To ... Read more
  • 5 Expert Tips for Job Search Success in 2017 December 19, 2016 MaseTVBusiness People Waiting Nervously2017 is the year of the job seeker. No more dead-end job. No more job search ruts. No more settling for less than your dream opportunity. IMPACT Group (ighr.com) career coaches share what it takes to stand out in the crowd and move careers forward quickly. 1) ... Read more
  • What People Are Really Doing at Work & Why [Infographic] December 12, 2016 MaseTVbored-young-woman-at-workThe creative team at Company Folders took an in-depth look at employee engagement and found that these small distractions are actually a sign that you’re not feeling fulfilled at work. It’s no small secret that most of us don’t pay attention to work all the time. Whether you’re playing ... Read more
  • Millennials’ Interest in Travel and Work Flexibility Higher than Gen X and Boomers December 4, 2016 MaseTVfemale-millennial-business-travelerMillennials love travel! So much so that they’re willing to work hard in order to fund their travels around the world. According to a recent FlexJobs survey, travel is a huge motivator for why millennials work. Via: FlexJobs According to FlexJobs’ survey, travel is a surprisingly popular motivator ... Read more
  • 7 Tips to Help You Get Ahead in Your Career October 31, 2016 MaseTVwomen-work-friendsOriginally Published Nov 2013 Many can tell when you’re approaching them with your signature networking play. However, a better way of building your network and strengthening your career is to make meaningful connections that last over time that will pay off more in the long run. Use these tips ... Read more
  • 7 Ways to Make Extra Income Even With a Full-Time Job October 24, 2016 MaseTVbored-young-woman-at-workAs 2016 nears its end and a new year approaches, many professionals are considering new opportunities that await them in 2017. We are living in the times of vast opportunity! No longer are people placing all their eggs in one basket when it comes to the ... Read more
  • 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Land Your Next Job October 17, 2016 MaseTVman-computerIn the age of social media, many early professionals have found their career opportunities right within the confines of their smartphone. So just how should you be using social media to land your next job or career opportunity. Find out 4 ways below! Sent From: USNewsMoney Get Direct ... Read more
  • 10 Part-Time Jobs That Pay The Most [Video] October 13, 2016 MaseTVwoman-mom-cimputerLooking for a side hustle while working full-time? Are you focused on paying off your student loans so that you can finally afford that car or your first house? Consider these 10 jobs that you can hustle on the side all while working full-time. Read more
  • Learn 81 Ways to Cheat Your Way to the Top With Brian Wong’s “Cheat Code” October 3, 2016 MaseTVcheat-codeHave you ever noticed that certain people seem to just sprint their way to success in life? There are those people that come off as though success, wealth, and opportunity were knocking on their door since birth! It’s this small edge above the crowd that seems ... Read more
  • 6 Skill-Building Courses That Make You More Hirable September 26, 2016 MaseTVblack-woman-workingThe Fall season is among us and it’s about that for a fresh start. Now that the Summer is over, the job market beginning to pick back up, giving job seekers the perfect opportunity they need to it’s officially time to kick your job search—and ... Read more
  • 7 Essentials of Business Dining Etiquette September 19, 2016 MaseTVbusiness-dinner-wine-tasting-freindsVia: Sharon Schweitzer Business meals are more than just talking shop. They are a way to distinguish your demeanor from the dinner table to the boardroom.  You can be the best in your field or tops in your company, but if you mess up the business meal, ... Read more
  • How to Go “From Receptionist to Boss” With Nicole Smartt’s Amazon Bestseller September 7, 2016 JeroslynDivanicole-smarttAre you just getting started in your career and in need of motivation and courage to overcome obstacles in your path, then look no further than the all-new guidebook from Nicole Smartt, “From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work”. “From Receptionist to ... Read more
  • 10 Bad Habits That Should Be Banned from the Workplace Forever August 22, 2016 MaseTVblack-female-sad-at-work-pfVia: LeighStringer Over the years, we have developed work styles that are not good for our physical, mental or emotional health. “It’s not that we’re bad people, or that we aren’t working hard,” says Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace.  “The problem is that what our ... Read more
  • 9 Signs You’re Going to Be Successful in Whatever You Do August 15, 2016 MaseTVblack-woman-work2Via: Jeff Haden of Inc. for TheMuse We all define success differently. We all should define it differently (and here’s why). Yet, at the same time, highly successful people share a number of common traits and attitudes. They’re willing to face vulnerability, emotional ups and downs, and the ... Read more
  • Five Secrets Fulfilled People Use Everyday August 10, 2016 MaseTVblack-man-suitVia:  Dr. William Schiemann Are there real tricks to becoming fulfilled in life?  You bet. My research and that of others suggests that there are key street-smart actions that those who are most fulfilled use every day in their professional and personal lives. I interviewed over 100 ... Read more
  • 2016’s Best U.S. Cities to Flip Houses August 6, 2016 MaseTVhouse-flippingVia: WalletHub With more than 110,000 house-flipping investors in 2015 — the highest rate since 2007 — and an average gross profit of $55,000, the personal-finance website WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2016’s Best Cities to Flip Houses. To help serious real-estate investors find the best ... Read more
  • 5 Ways College Textbook Industry Makes Money Off You (And How To Get Around It) August 3, 2016 MaseTVcollege-textbook-3Via: Chris Manns of CheapestTextbooks The tuition cost was haunting. The dorm bill was daunting.  The laptop your favorite college freshman just had to have cost more than your first car. Now all she has left to do is hit the college bookstore with her list of ... Read more
  • 5 Career-Boosting Moves You Still Have Time to Make in 2016 July 27, 2016 MaseTVMillennials-at-work-WEB-1020x680Despite being halfway through 2016, there are still a variety of ways that you can boost your career before the year ends. Below are 5 sure ways you’ll boost your career, and prepare for career greatness in 2017! By Jenny Foss for TheMuse We’re more than halfway done with ... Read more
  • 7 Things You Should Do In The Morning For A Productive & Successful Day July 20, 2016 MaseTVwoman-waking-upVia: Elle Kaplan of Inc. for TheMuse Life as a busy worker is a bumpy roller coaster ride, to say the very least. So how do successful people get through those crazy days? It all starts with waking up mentally tough. Skills can only take you so far without ... Read more
  • 5 Tips to Help You Find Passion in Your Job No Matter Your Job Type July 14, 2016 MaseTVblack-woman-workingVia: NicoleSmartt What’s your passion? Family? Gardening? Rock climbing? Now think about where your job falls in your list of passions. For many, a job is just a means to an end – it provides money for an education, an SUV, a house and more. But finding passion in ... Read more
  • 6 Ways to Deal With Annoying & Difficult Coworkers June 27, 2016 MaseTVupset-workersVia: LisaCopeland of TheCultureWorks We’ve all had that one exasperating coworker who ruins our day, and at times, gets under our skin so much that he spoils the evening and weekends too. Maybe he did something political, sneaky, backstabbing, or outright cruel and malicious. Whatever his ... Read more
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