Martial Arts Teacher Gives Powerful Life Lesson to New Student in Detroit [Video]


The martial arts teacher Sharath Jason Wilson gives a good life lesson in Bruce, a new recruit during an initiation test center “Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy” in Detroit, Michigan.

While the child starts crying face a stressful event, breaking a wooden board with his fist, the teacher makes him a speech about the meaning of perseverance and obstinacy.

“Everything is fine. It does not bother me that you cry. I also cry a lot … we all mourn occasionally. Given the difficulties, we want to stop, right? “

He said to the boy. “We have to fight like men face hardships because it will be very painful … To be a black man in this country, you’re going to need mental strength. You’re going to be strong here (points to his head) over here (he raises a fist). “

Following these tips, Bruce managed to break the board the first time in a loud voice. Professor Wilson then invited the child’s father and asked him to do 20 push-ups with his son on the back.