Mark Cuban Releases Video Made For Dwight Howard

The Dallas Mavericks were one of the five teams that tried to recruit Dwight Howard during his free agency this summer. The others were; the Lakers, as well as the Hawks, Warriors and the team he ended up joining, the Houston Rockets.

A man of his word, Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban has made the video pitch his team made to Howard (clearly, we have come a long way from living room sit downs) available on his blog for fans to see:

The big mouthed billionaire says that Howard told the Mavs’:

“I want to be epic.”

The animated video does just that, painting Dwight as a superhero dominating on the court (all the while turning Dirk Nowitzki into “Robin”), celebrating two consecutive NBA Championships with Cuban (who’s looking like a boss, pulling on a cigar) and eventually having his jersey retired in Dallas. The clip ends with a promise that joining the Mavs will lead to “global domination” for Howard.

Cuban’s is rich, so I’m sure the sizable amount he paid to have the video produced isn’t going to keep him awake at night. Either way, it didn’t work. Howard picked the Rockets, to catch lobs from Jeremy Lin, kickout rebounds to James Harden’s beard, and chill with Slim Thug.

THIS is how you recruit – Jay – Z may be an agent, but Slim Thug is pretty convincing


Still, this video is an intriguing glimpse into the room at these recruitment meetings and a reminder that we all want to be epic.

Somewhere, Kobe is pissed off.

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