Mario Reveals How He Remained Celibate for a Year to Break His Sex Addiction

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Returning R&B singer Mario dropped by Hot 97, and he got into a conversation about his childhood and the strained relationship he had with his mother growing up. Due to her struggles with addiction, Mario didn’t get what he should have from her as a parent.

As he grew up, that emotional lack manifested itself in his love life as he began to seek that affection and love from other women. “I would say that was an addiction of mine for a minute: women,” Mario confessed, explaining that he was looking for the nurturing and care that he felt he didn’t receive when he was younger.

But Mario eventually decided to take it easy with the women and completely cut out sex. That allowed him to get more in touch with himself. “About a year-and-a-half ago, I was celibate for almost a year. It works. It strengthens your spirit,” Mario shared. “I mean more than anything, when you really start to understand the physical experience that we have as individuals, you understand that the spirit is way stronger than the physical. But if you feed your physical more than [the mental], that’s going to dominate.”


Even though it’s a decision that most people can’t understand, Mario said it was really important for him to at least try out. “I experimented with that and it’s something that I really wanted to go to a higher level spiritually,” Mario said. “I felt like it would affect my music differently. It would affect my career, my surroundings, the people, and it has.” See if any of that elevated spirituality has influenced his sound when Mario’s new album Restoration hits retailers on September 17.

Source: Bossip