White Man “Felt Threatened” And Pulls Gun on Black Hooded Man in Subway [Video]


A Black male in a hoodie had a gun pulled out on him at a Subway restaurant for simply being a Black man in a hoodie.

Surveillance footage shows a Black male in a hoodie walk into a Subway and wait behind a white family to make his food order. The white male appears to have felt “threatened” by the Black male because you see him pull out his pistol and point it directly in the Black male’s face before realizing he had no weapon.

He then pushes the hooded male up to the counter where he innocently placed his food order.

  • Dawn Somerville

    That racist bastard had better gotten arrested! Poor young man. I swear these crackers are out of control. They are paranoid because they know how disgustingly violent THEY ARE…and they think all Black people are like them! Sick of this injustice. He needs to be in JAIL WITH NO BAIL!