Mad Rapper Papoose Sounds Off About Why Commercialized Hip Hop is On Top

Papoose has officially become the mad rapper of hip hop, sounding off about the acceptance of commercialized hip hop in a recent interview.

Pap touches on a number of good points during the interview, however it can’t be ignored that Pap, like many other rappers, are bitter and vengeful that they’re relevance has faded as hip hop continued to evolve.

Papoose was around when a lot of other rappers, outside of New York, came out and their still relevant today (T.I., Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne). However, because the popularity of hip hop has shifted from rappers with bars like Papoose, to rappers with bars like Drake (who also sings), Pap wants to claim a commercialization of hip hop, when it’s really just an evolution.

Watch and decide for yourselves.