M4D3 Shoe Line Donates 10% of Each Purchase to Charity of Your Choice


Fashionistas who have as much love for philanthropy as they do their shoes can rejoice!

A new fashionable shoe line is dedicated to making every purchase pay it forward to the charity of your choice. Now you can shop and do charity work all from one purchase.

Via: StyleBlazer

Making fashion charitable can often seemed forced. There are runway shows where tickets are charged. Sustainable brands that have higher priced items to fit in the overhead costs. And then there’s just designers advocating for charities— but who knows how much traction that gets.

But in a decade of constant change, the future of fashion and charity is looking bright.

“We have a game-changing business model that differentiates us in the footwear space,” said M4D3 fashion charity President, Scott Kaminsky.


What Kaminsky is so proudly referring to is ‘Make A Difference Everyday’ the reinvigorated brand that donates a portion of every sale to a worthy cause.

“The fashion industry needs to give back in a way that is meaningful while still offering cool, contemporary product, ” he adds. “People want to make a difference. They understand what is important, but they may not be sure how to support. M4D3 strives to make that process a bit easier.”

At the register customers are asked what charity that want to give to and automatically, 10 percent of the purchase price goes to the charity of choice. For the Spring 16 launch, charities include: No Ceilings (advancing equality for girls and women globally), Too Small to Fail (Early Education), and Right Action for Women (Christina Applegate’s Breast Cancer Foundation).


And the cherry on top is that the shoes are super stylish, made of smooth genuine leather and are comfy! It’s really a win-win purchase.

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