Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap and FULL Episode: When Lies Catch Up!


This week’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began at Mimi’s apartment where a devastated and “pregnant as a mother___” Rasheeda vented about her frustration with Kirk.

Mimi did not let Rasheeda beat herself up over Kirk’s infidelities though.  Mimi posed a very valid question: “Why is it that men can step out on you and make you feel like you did something wrong?” Point well taken.

Mimi comforts Rasheeda

Well, according to Kirk, Rasheeda’s lack of caring, attention and appreciation is what led him to go astray.  I guess having the respect and decency to talk to his wife of fifteen years and the mother of his five children never dawned on him.  At least Kirk finally saw the error in his ways, well sort of.  As he put is, “I may be wrong for it”.  You think, Kirk?

Mimi tried to talk some much needed sense into Kirk’s head by reminding him that he was risking his family and his children’s happiness with his bad behavior. “Is it worth breaking up your family?” she asked Kirk.  Mimi seems to give out some excellent advice when it comes to OTHER people’s relationships.  You go girl!

Ariane opens up about her sexuality to K.Michelle

Moving on, in this episode, we also find out the “shocking” news that Arianne is into women.  *Kanye shrug.*

While we’re talking about the more unimportant members of the cast, I might as well mention Traci and Drew’s sideline story.  So this week, all of their drama went down at Legal Sea Foods.

I know, you are already captivated!

Drew meets up with Traci and DeShawn

Anyways, Drew met up for lunch with Traci and her new man “Devo” Dashaun.  Drew felt that he is entitled to meet the man that Traci is dating even though she’s never met half of the “popcorn hoes” that he’s dealt with.  The lunch date soon turned sour after Drew asked Dashaun if he had a criminal record.  Dashaun denied the accusation, but then Drew pulled out a background check on Dashaun!  Gotcha Devo!

Drew reveals DeShawn's criminal past


Dashaun was caught in a lie and Traci was not having it! After a lunch of lobster and lies, Traci ripped Dashaun a new one for betraying her trust.   After all was said and done, Drew apologized to Traci for causing such a mess of things and for cheating on her while she was pregnant with his child.  Drew tries to play the nice guy role but I swear he is such a dirty dog!

Now for an update on the royal kingdom.  Prince Scrappy failed a drug test and now, at the advice of his lawyer, he has begun speaking to a drug counselor for substance abuse treatment.  Scrappy revealed that he would rather smoke marijuana than deal with everything going on in his life.

Scrappy is forced to face his addiction


This is when Scrappy’s drug counselor really puts things into perspective for him by reminding him of the impact that his decisions have on the person he loves the most, his daughter Imani.  As the counselor put it, “In a few years, [Imani] could either be a freshman at Spelman, majoring in something spectacular, or the main attraction at Magic City.” DAMN! It had to be said though and it was at that moment, that things got real for Scrappy.  Hopefully, this will be a turning point for him.

Speaking of turning points, Stevie J and Joseline seem to be making some pivotal moves of their own.

Joseline continued her quest for Stevie J to put a ring on it and this week she earned major brownie points with his father.  Hoes be winning! Joseline felt so confident about the direction of her and Stevie J’s relationship that she decided to purchase an engagement ring for him.  Hoes be tripping!  Cannot wait to see how that situation turns out next week.

Joseline confronts Karlie

Since Joseline  was so high on love she even decided to give her friendship with Karlie another try.  K. Michelle asked Joseline to join her at Karlie’s showcase and Joseline accepted.  However, it was not long until Joseline once again took digs at Karlie’s talent, or lack thereof, and her age.  She made insincere compliments comparing Karlie’s performance to that of Beyonce to which K. Michelle quickly corrected her with “I said be nice not delusional!”  Truth!

I don’t think that friendship is in the cards for Joseline and Karlie, but it is too much fun watching them interact.

Kirk comes to patch things up with Rasheeda

Last, but certainly not least, the best part of the show happened in the last five minutes with a confrontation between Kirk and Rasheeda’s mother!

After listening to Rasheeda’s heartbreaking sob story, Rasheeda’s mom was more than fired up and, as luck would have it, Kirk showed up as soon as she was about to leave.  Kirk had arrived home to patch things up with Rasheeda and Rasheeda’s mom kindfully offered to help—by backing over his motorcycle with her car! Then, she threw the car into drive and proceeded to run over the bike again! Classic moment!

Rasheeda's mom runs over Kirk's bike

I swear Kirk looked more devastated about his motorcycle than the breakup of his marriage.  From the looks of next week’s episode, it seems that Rasheeda has had enough. Stay tuned and let us know what you thought about this week’s episode!

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