Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt 1: Joseline and Mimi Are Cool?!


Last night’s part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Reunion wasn’t as ratchet as we expected. The reunion show started with an update on Mimi’s breast augmentation surgery, where Joseline took it upon herself to take shots at Mimi. Mimi and  Joseline or, “sl*t monkey” as Mimi referred to her, of course exchanged a number of verbal blows but didn’t take it further than that.


K. Michelle shut down a question from Mona Scott over her and Mimi’s friendship, letting us know that the two are still no longer friends. However, K. Michelle and Rahsheedah reiterated their peace between them, and K even wished Rasheedah well in her pregnancy. Rasheedah and Kirk revealed that they’re having a boy (which we already knew) and naming him Carter Frost.


Scrappy and Erica’s breakup was felt throughout the room as we got to see how deeply in love they are with each other, but know that they’re just not meant to work right now. Shay and Erica exchanged a few words back and forth, but Erica refused to physically confront Shay so it never went further than that. It’s no hiding that Shay and Erica do NOT like each other, which must be why Shay talks about her every chance she gets. 


Stevie reminded everyone that he’s still a jerk, as he refused to answer Mona’s question about his engagement to Joseline. Joseline and Mimi surprisingly seemed to make up as Mimi offered support to Joseline multiple times throughout the show over Joseline growing up without a Mother and always feeling lost. Joseline and Mimi share similar pains, so they actually could end up becoming really great friends.


Traci and Drew reminded everyone of how much of a cute couple that could be if Drew stopped playing games and settled down with Traci. While the audience expressed to Traci that she still has feelings for Drew, and used the guy who lasted one episode this season as a way to make Drew jealous. Traci received that award for best catch phrase of the season by referring to Drew’s girls as “popcorn hoes”

We were to wait until next week’s Part 2 of the reunion show to catch up with Benzino, Karli Redd, more on Scrappy and Erica and more! We’ll all be tuned in next week!


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