Loni Love Cries About Her Weight On “The Real” [Video]


Loni Love is the more comical member of The Real Daytime talk show. During a recent taping of the show, Loni stopped telling jokes to open up about her issues with her own weight and self image.

“These ladies make me feel really at home and welcome about my body. They don’t tease me,” she said before breaking into tears. “I don’t feel good about myself sometimes so thank you. The public compares me. They don’t.”

Loni also thanked the show’s makeup and hair team for always making sure her beauty shines through like the other cast members.

“It is harder to dress a bigger woman. No matter what anybody wants to say, it’s harder. When you’re not the sample size…When you get into the [size] 20s, it’s hard. But the thing about this show is that we have people that go out, they’re determined, and even the designers like Ralph Lauren Calvin Klein are designing for us.”