Top 10 Most Ratchet Celebrities That We Can’t Help But Love


These are the celebrities that scream pure ratchetry but we can’t help but continue to love and support them. We all have issues, and these celebs are open with theirs. With all the fake people in the world, we can’t help but embrace those who are true about who they are…ratchet and all.

Here’s MaseTV’s list of the Top 10 Most Ratchet Celebrities That We Can’t Help But Love:

1. Rihanna


We can’t seem to get enough of this hot rude gyal. From taking Chris Brown back, to openly beefing with Ciara, Karrueche, and Teyana Taylor, to knocking her own fans upside the head and hitting them with the #clapback via Twitter…..we can’t help but love this ratchet rude gyal!

2. Keisha Cole



We all know Keisha Cole for her wild and crazy antics, and her wild and crazy family! From publicly taking shots at Destiny’s Child, to beefing with her own blood sister and Mother. Keisha is one celeb who never fails to surprise us with her ratchetry.

3. K. Michelle



K. Michelle could possibly be the unofficial Queen of Ratchet. From her tumultuous love life with NBA players and Music producers, to her constant beef with EVERYONE. K simple can’t stay out of drama. She talks about any and everyone, speaks her mind, puts all her business on social networks, and then tries to cry “only God can judge me”. Regardless of her ratchetry we can’t help but love with beautiful and talented rebellious soul.

4. Tamar Braxton



Tamar Braxton is classy ratchet, but still ratchet to say the least. From her constant back and forth feud with rival K. Michelle, to her hot and unfiltered comments, Tamar doesn’t hide who she is one bit and it’s working. Tamar continues to land television show deals, sellout shows, and is possibly set to have the best selling RnB Album of 2013. So it’s pretty obvious that we can’t help but become a Tamartian!!!

5. Juicy J


Where do we begin with Juicy J? Juicy J is and always will remain ratchet. He is who he is, and doesn’t front for the cameras. His ratchet behavior with group Three 6 Mafia landed them a hit show on MTV, got them an Oscar for “Hard Out Here for A Pimp”, and motivated Miley Cyrus to twerk her baby cakes to Bandz to Make her Dance. We all know that “You say no to ratchet pu**y but Juicy J can’t”. Juicy j is the official King of Ratchet!

6. Fantasia

After gaining fame from her American Idol win, it was only a matter of time before the world found out about Fantasia’s true colors. Tattoos, man trouble, crazy family, and an illiteracy problem. We all love Fantasia dearly but can’t deny that that chick is straight up and down RATCHET!!!

7. Lil Wayne

What about Lil Wayne isn’t ratchet?! His numerous baby mommas, his face tats, his pointless rhymes, and addiction to every form of lean and molly known to man…..As much as we love Weezy, we can’t ignore the fact that this YMCMB money maker is pure RATCHET!

8. Gucci Mane

Considering his recent twitter rant fiasco there should no surprise that Guwop made the list. His addiction to lean, love for ratchet women, constant rap beefs, ice cream cone face tats, and the list goes ON! Gucci Mane scream ratchet, and loves every bit of it. Gucci!!!

9. Tyga

He wifed up the top stripper at King of Diamonds and only makes songs for the skrippers. He’s filled his body with numerous tats, and drives the fatest cars through the quietest parts of Los Angeles. He’s not worse than Juicy J, but Tyga is well deserving of the ratchet title.

10. Chris Brown


Ummmm where do we begin. From his infamous love triangle with Rihanna and Karrueche, to his domestic violence case, to beating up Drake and Frank Ocean. Anyone who is bold enough to throw a chair at the window of Good Morning America is eligible to be on the list of ratchetry. We love you Breezy but daammmmn You Raaaaaatchet!!!!

Honorary Ratchet Members:

Justin Bieber

From the looks of Justin’s choice of friends, his love of hip hop culture, spitting on people, hate from his neighbors for his loud behavior….Justin is trying to be the new age Tupac lol. Justin you haven’t received your ghetto pass just yet, but you’re eligible for the ratchetry title.

Miley Cyrus


No words are needed. Miley is straight up and down ratchet and loves very minute of it. She loves all types of attention, twerking, rapping, smoking, and wearing her infamous coochie cutter shorts. Twerk Miley Miley twerk!