Lindsay Lohan Coming Out With Tell-All Book

Looks like we’re finally going to get the inside scoop on Lindsay Lohan’s tumultuous life, drug binges, and troubled acting career. The struggling actress seems to be so desperate for money that she’s agreed to write an extremely revealing tell-all book.

This is sure to be on the best seller’s list.

via: TMZ

Lindsay Lohan has decided to open the flood gates — penning a gritty, tell-all book about EVERYTHING … her arrests, her drug abuse, her acting career, and her family … and she’s already gotten several serious publishing offers.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the book started as a series of journal entries, which she wrote in rehab as a therapeutic exercise. The book is still in its early stages, and it doesn’t have a clear focus, but she says she wants to open up every part of her life.;

Lindsay met with a huge literary agency in NYC Thursday — Waxman Leavall, which has repped tons of celebs who wrote books, including Victor CruzNovak DjokovicBill MurrayBrock Lesnar, and Cal Ripken Jr.

The meeting was filmed as part of Lindsay’s docu-series on OWN.

We’re told she’s already received several offers for a book deal — most in the six-figure range.

Here’s the problem — it’s Lindsay’s life as told by Lindsay, which means we’ll be reading her version of events……lies and deception!