Let’s Talk Apps: Enjoy Social Polling With Pyne (Review)


Meet Pyne, an application that allows you to poll the world, or just some friends of yours. Yes, it is another question based app, but it has many features that makes it stand out. Lets look a little deeper.


Upon opening Pyne, you are shown a question to answer. You have the option to answer the question or to skip it. The next question pops up almost immediately. The application does not use any type of service to target certain questions your way.





When creating questions, Pyne allows you to choose your audience; males, females, or your Facebook friends. This is one of the features that makes Pyne stand out from other question based applications.

In addition, you can also add answers if you wish to have your questions be multiple choice, if not of course the other options are yes or no.


Another fun feature is the results given after you answer the question. It shows how many of each audience group has chosen each answer. Just click the ‘filters’ and voila. It will also show percentages for each answer. Cool huh?





Head over to the options menu on the left and there you can also find leaderboards for the most popular questions at the moment. Unfortunately I haven’t seen Bad Boys 2, so I couldn’t quite answer the top question.



Lastly, your profile is pretty simple , clean and straightforward. It displays your photo, your questions, and there is a counter for your questions and comments.


Pyne makes social polling fun for everyone. Whether you use it to answer questions to kill time or to actually seek opinions of others, it is a reliable way to seek answers and to ask those everyday questions to the Pyne world or to a group of friends. It is very easy to use, informative, fun, and a great way to weigh in on various topics. Check out this simple addictive smart app ASAP!


Download Pyne for iPhone right now and take a shot at polling the world, a few friends, or go answer some questions: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pyne-poll-the-world./id884287785?mt=8