Learn Why Working Class White America Supports Trump in “The Letter H” By Ken Brady


MaseTV recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a showing of a powerful monologue called “The Letter H” by Ken Brady.

Ken’s story is about politics and America, Reagan and Trump, history and family. A son’s account of a proud working class man who chooses a path of racism and the embracing of destructive, divisive leaders. The style is at times incendiary and always straightforward; there are no apologies or half measures. Yet, surprisingly the feel is also warm and sometimes absurdly funny.


All summer long Ken has been performing in people’s homes rather than in a traditional theater setting. And the response has been overwhelming — and the call for him to take this on the road has become louder.

So as we countdown to this fork in the road known as the 2016 Presidential election, Ken is determined to make sure that voters in battleground states have the same opportunity to experience the show up close and personal.

Ken will be performing in private venues leading up to the November election to confront, energize and share.


Who: “The Letter H” by Ken Brady

What: “The Letter H” is a raw, unfiltered tale of American history and family which unearths the deep roots of the hate fueling Trump’s campaign. It MUST be seen before the November election. To inspire voters nationwide, help us get this show to battleground states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia, to union halls, churches, and community centers. We have the power to change history.

Why: Because families in these battleground states mirror his own. They recognize themselves in his story and see their working class fathers in his father, and their history in his. It has been 36 years since the Reagan revolution turned the course of America in 1980. We will crush each year of that legacy, one show at a time.


About: Kenneth Brady is a director and writer, known for the award-winning short film starring Naomi Watts, A House Divided (1998) and The Time Is Now (2006).

Seats are limited RSVP as soon as possible.

In order for Ken to take the show across the country, he has started a funding page where people can donate.