Learn How to Define Your Brand With “The Brand Mapping Strategy” By @KarenLeland


We are now living in a time where literally everyone has a brand, and many are doing their due diligence to profit from their brand awareness and recognition.

“If you don’t define your brand, someone else will define it for you.” says brand and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland.


In her new branding self-help book “The Brand Mapping Strategy”, Leland helps entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and executives create a brand by design instead of default, gain greater influence in their industries and companies, and become thought leaders in their fields.

The Brand Mapping Strategy uses proven strategies, best practices, and anecdotes from real life brand-building successes to give readers the tools they need to design, build, and accelerate a successful brand. Readers will be able to:

  • Develop an overall blueprint for their brand using the Brand Mapping Process
  • Determine which online tactics (and in what combination) will work for their brand
  • Expand the current brand outreach and contribution to a bigger audience in their industry, community, or the world at large
  • Become a thought or industry leader, using clear positioning, a specific strategy for brand building, and a method for implementation
  • Leverage content effectively and efficiently to build their brand
  • Develop a marketing and social media strategy using the right platform

The three-part book takes the reader through the entire process of branding yourself in the digital age to positioning your brand to the public as a thought leader, and creating a brand-centric company.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy “The Brand Mapping Strategy”:

  • You want to expand your current brand outreach
  • You want to be and remain ahead of the crowd
  • You want to be seen as a thought or industry leader
  • You are looking to establish a stronger personal brand within your current career
  • You are a busy professional who hasn’t had time to develop knowledge on how to effectively brand yourself
  • You have a lot of great content that could be better leveraged to the public or other businesses
  • You believe that it is time to rebuild
  • You feel confused or overwhelmed about what your social media strategy should be
  • You realize that you need to be well positioned for career management
  • You see others people praised as thought leaders, and you think to yourself, “That should be me.”

If any of those reasons apply to you or someone you know, then you need to get yourself a copy of “The Brand Mapping Strategy”. This is one read that you will be grateful for.

So what are you waiting for?! Order Your Copy Today!


Karen Tiber Leland is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding and marketing strategy and implementation firm. She helps CEOs, executives, and teams build stronger personal and business brands, expand their audiences, and become thought leaders in their fields. Some of her clients have included LinkedIn, Twitter, American Express, and Roche.