Last Minute Halloween Ideas for Girls and Guys


If your a procrastinator and Halloween has seem to creep up on you, not to fear! There are still some easy costume ideas you can do that can even be unisex.

Here are some last minute Halloween ideas…

Tyrone Biggums

If you’ve watched the Dave Chappelle Show, one of his most well known character’s on it was Tyrone Biggums. All you need to recreate this outfit is a orange beanie, old blue hoody, beige blazer and this makeup look


The best thing about the Vampire look is that you can wear normal clothes. Just get some fangs from a costume store. If your feeling really spooky get some blood red contacts and follow this makeup look


Another scary look that can be worn with normal clothes. You can transform yourself into a character from The Walking Dead with one of those cheap Halloween makeup kits from your local drug store and this makeup look

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