Lance Stephenson’s Cheating Ways Are Revealed Yet Again: K. Michelle Claims Single Status Then Changes Her Mind

We told you back in July of K. Michelle’s new boo, Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson, was seen hugged up on some tatted bombshell on Instagram. Shortly after that incident, K and Lance shut down any rumors that they were broken up by going on a romantic getaway for all of Instagram to see.

Well now more reports are surfacing of Lance’s infidelity, but it still seems that K is in denial.

Via UB Magazine reports:

K.Michelle has been dating Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson for the last couple of months, but rumors suggest he may still be creeping around with his baby mama. Yesterday, one of our readers claimed he may have been caught in the act after he posted a photo of himself with his baby mama in the background in his bed to Instagram, and after K. Michelle’s fans pointed it out to the singer, she wrote on Instagram that she had broken up with the athlete. This of course was followed up with cryptic posts in which she stated how much she hates liars and why she’s not worried about men anymore.

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K seemed to even post an “I’m trying to act like I’m over my ex but I’m not” club pic.

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However the next day K shut down rumors that she was single, and tagged Lance as her “boyfriend” in a public tweet to a fan.



Looks like Michelle still has her boyfriend!

Source: Bossip