Lamar Odom Has Full Conversation With Photographer, Saying “I’m Still Handsome Ain’t I?”

Rumors have been swirling around former Lakers’ player Lamar Odom and his alleged crack addiction. However, the NBA star recently sat down to eat lunch, while having a pretty open and civilized conversation with a photographer.

It was surprising to see considering his recent outburst on a gossip-hungry paparazzi member. Lamar gets major cool points for this.

Via: TMZ

Lamar Odom aggressively wanted to talk to a photog yesterday, about life, health, basketball and marriage.

Lamar has NEVER been chatty, so this lunchtime video is pretty shocking.  The photog tries to end the interview several times and Lamar actually calls him back.  Among the subjects:
Is Lamar Clean And Sober

— His relationship with Khloe
— His prospects of returning to the Lakers
— His outlook on life and death
— His obsession with health

You gotta see it.  It’s as revealing as anything we’ve seen in a long time.