Ladies Avoid The Cake Face: 5 Steps For Sweat-Proof/Waterproof Makeup


With spring here, and summer around the corner, the sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer.

You don’t want to be the girl caught out the with a melting cake face! No fear ladies, there is a sweat-proof/waterproof makeup look that’s functional but still glamorous.

Step 1

Moisturize your face with a SPF. I don’t care what race or color you are, skin cancer and aging does not discriminate! Use a SPF or BB cream with a SPF of at least 15 to protect you skin from the suns harmful rays.


Step 2

Choose a blush or bronzer for a flush of color to those checks. Orange tints are great for the warmer seasons. Also try using a liquid or gel formula instead of a powder for a smoother more natural look.


Step 3

Set your face with a light powder to ensure your makeup doesn’t budge. Less is more on this step.


Step 4

Apply your favorite waterproof eye liner and mascara. Make sure to check if it’s waterproof because raccoon eyes are not a good look.


Step 5

Moisturize and protect your lips. Also use lip balm with SPF and then apply your lipstick of choice.


Stay pretty and protected ladies.

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