LA Street Artist Change “Birth of A Nation” Posters to Label Nate Parker As “Rapist”


Birth Of A Nation’s Nate Parker is under fire after details of his 17-year-old rape case have resurfaced in wake of his upcoming critically-acclaimed film.

Parker recently sat down with Variety and addressed some really sensitive questions regarding a rape allegation he faced in college.

“Seventeen years ago, I experienced a very painful moment in my life,” Parker told Variety. “It resulted in it being litigated. I was cleared of it. That’s that. Seventeen years later, I’m a filmmaker. I have a family. I have five beautiful daughters. I have a lovely wife. I get it. The reality is” — he took a long silence — “I can’t relive 17 years ago. All I can do is be the best man I can be now.”

Well now a LA street artist is taking things into their own hands and changing movie posters for the highly-anticipated to reflect Nate Parker as that of a rapist.


Via: TheHollywoodReporter:

Nate Parker’s provocative poster for his film The Birth of a Nation has been transformed by a prolific street artist into a rape allegation against the writer-director-star, and the Photoshopped artwork was posted in several locations around West L.A. as of early Wednesday morning.

The original poster shows Parker’s Nat Turner, the slave revolt leader he plays in the film, with a noose around his neck, made from an American flag.

The Photoshopped version of the poster, created overnight by conservative street artist Sabo, features the same image, though the title of the film has been replaced by Parker’s name with “Rapist?” underneath it.

The artwork comes as a 1999 sexual assault case, in which Parker was acquitted but co-writer Jean Celestin was convicted and then had his case overturned on appeal, has resurfaced. Parker and Celestin were charged with raping a young woman in 1999 when all three were students at Pennsylvania State University. It was also recently discovered that the accuser dropped out of college, attempted suicide multiple times and died four years ago at age 30.

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