La Riots Over Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict & 100 City Vigil “Justice For Trayvon” This Saturday


This video shows a news report on young Los Angeles teens rioting in the streets of Crenshaw over George Zimmerman‘s not guilty verdict in the murdering of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

These teens look reminiscent of the protestors during the LA Riots that happened after the Rodney King case in 1992.

As angry as well all are over this case, lets remind ourselves not to give into that rage and provide certain people confirmation over how they already view some of us. Keep your heads held high, and protest with dignity. Trayvon’s family deserves to see their son be remembered honorably.

There will be a 100 city vigil for the Zimmerman verdict this Saturday July 20th at your local federal court building. We ask that everyone show up with heartfelt messages, and leave the rage at home. No fighting, no break ins, no riots, just a peaceful protest like they did before us during the Civil Rights Movement.


Source: WSHH