Kylie Jenner Lip Fillers Allegedly Make It Hard For Her to Eat & Speak


It appears that reality TV/fashion starlet Kylie Jenner has issues with eating and speaking due to her filler-filled lips.

According to OK! Magazine , Kylizzle reportedly has issues pronouncing certain words and taking down food and drinks because of her pumped up pout.

“She had so much lip filler that it’s hard for her to eat and drink and talk,” an insider revealed to In Touch.

[Kylie} “has a problem pronouncing certain words and letters, particularly ‘B’ and ‘W’,” the source said. “And she usually has to sip through a straw because it’s difficult for her to drink directly from a cup.”

It’s reported that at one time Kylie eluded to eventually laying off the lip fillers and letting her lips go back to their natural state. However, insiders say Kylie is in too deep and her juicy lips have now become her way of making ends meet.

“She’s got a brand to protect,” the source said, but “maintaining her perfect pout has its issues.”