Kylie Jenner Gets Called Out For Cultural Appropriation By Amandla Sternberg


Back in April “Hunger Games” actress Amandla Stenberg issued a powerful video where she tackled the issue of cultural appropriation in America.

Well fast forward to this past weekend, and Amandla caused quite the stir on social media after she publicly called out reality star Kylie Jenner for her blatant cultural appropriation on Instagram.

Over the weekend Kylie shared the below pic with a Beyonce-inspired caption.


Amandla took this as an opportunity to further explain her strong feelings on cultural appropriation. She called Kylie out for being a culture vulture who can rock black hairstyles, but won’t speak up for the things that really matter within the Black community.

.Kylie soon clapped back at Amandla, and pretty much showed the world her views on cultural appropriation.


So while 17-year old Amandla works to empower her community, 17-year old Kylie does the exact opposite.

But who does America worship more of course…….. #AintThatAmeriKKKa #WakeUp #BlackLivesMatter #CulturalAppropriation