Kristen Stewart Drops Out of Movie Once Will Smith Takes Role as her Love Interest

Hmmmm this sounds fishy.

Will Smith appears to be officially locked to star in Warner Bros’ con-man film Focus, which previously had Ben Affleck as the top choice to play the role that Will Smith will now play. Affleck had to drop out due to other movie commitments.

When Affleck was the man for the job, Kristen Stewart was to star opposite him, playing his co-conspirator, as well as love interest, but she left the project when Smith jumped on-board, citing, according to Variety, an age gap between the two of them that was too wide (Will is 44, Stewart is 23). Although, that apparently wasn’t too much of a problem for her, when Ben Affleck, who’s not that much younger than Smith, was the candidate for the role. Affleck is 40.

Time out Kristen didn’t you cheat on Robert Pattinson with 43 year old Rupert Sanders??????? So let’s be honest here, you have no problem with the age difference, it seems like you have another problem with Will Smith.

Nobody cares for your stiff acting anyway.


Source: Bossip