Kim Kardashian Returns to Social Media In A Different Way


Kim Kardashian has been absent on social media since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris on Oct. 3. 

However, the social media maven has made her triumphant return to social media, and she’s already showing us that she’s on a new wave.

The 36-year-old has been completely silent on all social platforms since being robbed last month. Kim even refused to post on her 36th birthday that recently passed, which is so not Kim!

But on Monday, Kimmy took to Facebook (since when?!) to share a photo of herself in a chair looking down at her iPhone, which she captioned, “Downtime #LumeeCollab.”


Kim is not known for being much of a Facebook user, so for her to make her highly-anticipated return to social media using the platform is somewhat of a hint that Kim is a changed person since the robbery.

Prior to her break from social media, Kim would have blasted her return across all of her social channels ― especially Instagram and Twitter, since she has far more followers on those platforms than she does on Facebook.

But with her very subtle return to Facebook, is Kim showing signs that she is ready to revamp herself and take a chill pill on social media?


Following her robbery, there was much talk around the fact that robbers were lured to Kim due to all her flashy social media postings. It had been reported that Kim intended to slow down her high volume posts showcasing her lavish lifestyle.

Multiple family members have told the press that Kardashian hasn’t been doing very well since the robbery, but an unnamed source recently told Entertainment Tonight that Kardashian “is definitely ready to start getting back to her normal life, little by little.” 

Glad to see Kim getting back in her flow.

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Source: HuffingtonPost