Kim Kardashian Post Statistical Chart In Response to Donald Trump #MuslimBan


Despite Kanye West amicable meeting with Donald Trump last month, his wife Kim Kardashian is not in support of the President’s recent ban on Muslims entering the country.

Kim took to Twitter to respond to Trump’s muslim ban using a statistical chart showing the low possibility of an Islamic terrorist threat to Americans in comparison to American-on-American gun violence.

While on vacation in Costa Rica, Kim took time to post a screen grab of a chart with stats generated by the CDC — which shows, over the last 10 years, Islamic jihadist immigrants were responsible for only 2 murders per year. The chart shows in comparison, armed toddlers kill 21 people per year. Lawnmowers kill 69, and falling out of bed kills 737 annually.

However, the biggest number on the chart referred to 11,737 Americans who are shot and killed by fellow American citizens ever year.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.21.19 PM

Despite Kim only typing the caption “Statistics”, it’s pretty clear that Mrs. West’ post is in response to the outrage over Trump’s muslim ban.