Killer Mike Urges Black People to Invest Sneaker Money into Black Banks [Video]


Via: SneakerWatch 

Though Killer Mike sees no problem with people buying Air Jordans or other expensive shoes/sneakers, he wishes they’d invest some of that money back into their communities in order establish a better life for everyone involved.

“If we take one or two of the pair of Jordans that we would buy through the course of the year, we can shift – within three days – $100 million dollars to one Black bank,” he explained in this exclusive. “That money then turns into mortgages, turns into small business loans [and] turns into other things that help the community in a different way.”

When it comes to the new generation, Killer Mike encourages them to learn more than what they’re taught in school, especially since there’s been a lack of programs students can apply in the real world. He also spoke on his disinterest for the media, calling it their job to “keep you dumb enough to not care, and smart enough to run out and do something if they tell you to.”

Watch as Killer Mike outlines the steps needed to help Black communities and more up top.