Kid Protesting Donald Trump Admits to Starting Fire & Tells Fox News, ‘Screw Our President’ [Video]


There’s no age limit to being a passionate Trump protestor.

Cameras recently caught the high tension fuming across the U.S. in the hours leading up to Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration.

One young protestor was approached by Fox News  at a demonstration in Washington, D.C. where he was asked about a fire that had just been put out.

“My name’s Conner and I actually kinda started this fire,” the boy said.

“Why’d you start this fire?” the reporter asked.

“Because I felt like it,” Conner said and, echoing the overall mood of the evening, he added, “I’m just saying, screw our president.”

Not sure if the kid can be charged for arson are not, but you gotta respect his passion.

Watch the full video below.