Khloe Catches Her Husband Lamar Odom Cheating and Tries to Attack The Mistress

Via Mediatakeout (So it may be just rumored):

Star Magazine just interviewed a CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER who says that she was Lamar Odom mistress. They gave the lady a polygraph exam and she passed it.

Here is what is being reported:

Another woman has come forward, claiming that she recently spent six intimate weeks with Lamar . . . and Khloe tracked them down to a hotel and tried to assault her. . .


Khloe has followed me. And she has other people trailing me. She’s investigated my loved ones, and she personally tried to attack me. I can’t even go home because I’m scared that something will happen.
Once Khloe actually caught them IN THE ACT.

I booked a hotel room at the Vagabonf Inn near Downtown L.A., where I felt there was no chance that [Khloe] would find [me and Lamar].” Paulina says. “But I was wrong. Khloe had someone follow me. Lamar believed she had a tracker on his phone and his car.”

At 5:30 the next morning, when she and Lamar were sleeping together in the motel, Paulina says that Khloe showed up outise their room screaming, “Open the door now or I’m calling the police.”

[Lamar opened the door and] Khloe charged into the room and began swinging at me . . . she tried to attack me. Lamar had to grab her by the hoodie and pull her back. She was way bigger than me, it was terrifying.”

We love how Khloe wasn’t going to sit back and let Lamar play her, she got up and was ready to whoop some ass! LOL


Source: MTO