Kellyanne Conway Triggers Anti-Trump Marches Planned For April 15 #TrumpTaxesMarch [Video & Pics]


Following the highly successful Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, activists are hoping to keep the momentum going with another planned nationwide protest aimed at President Donald Trump.

With last weekend’s marches focusing on women’s and human rights, activists on social media are hoping to use a rally/protest on April 15 to pressure the president into releasing his tax returns.

During his controversial campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to release his returns following his “audit”. However, White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed on Sunday that he no longer planned to do so because “people don’t care.”

Conway’s statement, along with her “alternative facts” comment, inspired calls for a protest on April 15….tax day. which would normally be tax day, but because it falls on a Saturday ― and since

Tax day would normally be on April 15th, however, because it falls on a Saturday ― and since Emancipation Day follows ― taxes are actually due on April 18 this year.

Several people proposed the protest date on Twitter, and the idea quickly gained steam:

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It’s not clear if any organizations have begun securing permits for the march, or if organizers of the Women’s March will endorse the planned Tax Day events.

Source: HuffingtonPost