Katy Perry Tells Other Pop Stars to “Put it Away”

Television actress Rashida Jones recently made headlines for going on a Twitter rant against over sexual female celebrities who let it all hang out to get media attention.

Well now fellow pop star, Katy Perry is joining with Rashida, in speaking out against other pop stars who she says need to “put it away”.

Via NYPost

Katy Perry has a message for her fellow female pop stars, “put it away.”

Speaking to NPR, the 29-year-old singer admitted she thinks too many female artists are getting nude too often.

“I’m not talking about anyone in particular, I’m talking about all of them,” Perry said.

“I mean everybody’s so naked. We know you’ve got it, I’ve got it too. I’ve taken it out here and there and I’m not necessarily judging, I’m just thinking sometimes it’s nice to play that card, but sometimes it’s nice to play other cards.”

It must be noted that this is the same Katy Perry who got naked on a pink cloud for the cover of her “Teenage Dream” album.


Either way, the “Roar” singer may have a point.

In the last few months, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Niki Minaj and Rihanna have all either posted revealing pictures on social media or released sexually charged music video clips.

But Katy is this not a bit hypocritish……….